The Gillan Creek ferry enables walkers to cross Gillan Creek between Halamana, Gillan and St. Anthony at high tide.  The stepping stones of the South West Coast Path across Gillan Creek are submerged roughly 3 hours either side of high water. Without using the ferry, walkers are forced inland along roads for over a mile, and miss a large stretch of the south bank of the creek. Sailaway provides a ferry service on demand across the Creek during normal working hours from April 1st to October 31st. We pick up from The Boathouse at St. Anthony on the north side of the creek, and from our signboard on the beach at Halamana opposite St. Anthony Church on the south side of the creek. The sign is about half a mile west of Gillan Beach and a quarter of a mile west of Flushing Beach. Open the sign board or call us on 01326 231357.

At low water it is possible to paddle straight across to the church from Halamana, getting wet up to your ankles with a shingle bottom all the way. The narrow neck of water leading towards the old gypsy caravans is the deepest and should be avoided. The stepping stones are often covered in slippery green seaweed and are not used by locals.

Our charges for this service are as below.

Gillan Creek FerryPer person
Per person£5
Lift to Sailaway moorings£5
DogsFree of charge