Boat Hire – Helford River and creeks

We have diesel launches suitable for larger families or for fishing near the Gedges in the mouth of the river, and outboard motorboats better for the beautiful upper reaches or for lazing in one of the many beautiful coves along the Helford.

Sailors have the choice of Drascombe Longboat cruisers, or Wayfarers. Topper and Topaz dinghies are also available.

Single and double kayaks, as well as rowing boats, are available from St. Anthony and enable access at high water to over a mile of gorgeous unspoilt river leading to the head of Gillan Creek, and can also be used on the Helford in fair weather.

Why not try one of the worlds fastest growing water sports; paddle boarding. Not only are they ideal for paddling on calm waters but they also provide an all body work out! We have a number of boards available for hire by the hour.

Our boats have full safety equipment and lifejackets. Instruction is given on the motorboats; only competent sailors may take the sailing boats.

As Ratty said… ‘There is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as just messing about in boats’.